March 2012

March 19: EXSS Faculty Panel

Dr. Coyte Cooper

  • Born in Alaska
  • Hobbies: Wrestling, video editing, grows bonsai trees
  • Favorite Book(s): Veeck as in Wreck by Bill Veeck; Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  • Projects
    • Putting together a marketing program for NCAA & NCWA

Dr. Erianne Weight

  • From Woodland Hills, Utah
  • Hobbies: Mountain biking, wakeboarding, downhill skiing
  • Favorite Book(s): How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Projects
    • Quantifying the benefits of intercollegiate athletic participation

Professor Barbara Osborne

  • From Wisconsin
  • Hobbies: Photography, running, golf
  • Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter books, Stephen King books, the Wicked series
    • The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    • The Present: The Gift That Makes You Happier and More Successful at Work and in Life, Today! by Spencer Johnson
    • Says UNC kind of fell into her lap
      • Enjoys being a professor here because of the students
      • Projects
        • Looks at scholarships, funding, and NCAA rules-differences based on gender
        • Is doing a content analysis on concussion legislation

Dr. Richard Southall

  • From Colorado
  • Hobbies: Mountain biking, downhill skiing, scuba diving
  • Favorite Book(s): The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe; The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe
  • Legal and ethical issues in intercollegiate athletics
  • Sport facility and event management
  • UNC values intellectual activity and students are interested in intellectual inquiry as well
  • Projects
    • Expanding the adjusted graduation gap data
      • Looking at taking academic rank and adding to that data
      • Looks at policy implications

Dr. Deborah Southall

  • From Ohio
  • Favorite Book(s): How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization by Franklin Foer
  • Hobbies: Jazzercise
  • Projects
    • Looking at NCAA core values and how they’re perceived an practiced in:
      • Division I v. Division II/Division III athletes/athletics
      • Male and female non-Olympic and Olympic Sports

Dr. Robert Turner

  • Post-Doctorate Fellow
  • Background in Sociology
  • From New Jersey
  • Research is about the life course of athletes
  • Hobbies: Dancing, going to the beach
  • Favorite Book(s): Forty Million Dollar Slaves by William C. Rhoden
  • Projects
    • Trying to bring a player’s prospective into research
    • Understanding the life of an athlete (life course analysis)

March 26: Life After Sports-Career Tips from Athletes

Sue Walsh, a former UNC Swimmer and ten-time national champion

  • Wanted to be a gymnast and a swimmer after watching the Olympics as a child
  • Favorite things about college sports
    • Found that having teammates was like having a family
    • Made the transition from high school
    • Best advice (to current athletes)
      • Introduce yourself to all of your professors so you can negate the “dumb jock” stereotype
      • Always remember you’re representing the school
      • Buffalo Bills fan
      • Best sports memory
        • Winning a national championship as a swimmer
        • Believes that society’s standards creating an environment in which children are told to stick to one sport is bad
        • Feeling after last game at Carolina
          • Extremely hard
          • Tough transition
          • Suggests a class, etc. from the University to help with the transition
          • Tips for getting into the sports industry
            • Big pool of applicants and less people vacating positions
            • Have a “Plan B” and you may have to volunteer/be a student intern
            • Thoughts on graduate school
              • Has a CPA
              • Suggests spending some time out in the business world to have an idea of what you truly want to do
              • Doesn’t think she would do anything she’s done in her career differently
              • Would suggest writing classes and wishes there was a “Life 101” class

Tracey Williams, a four-year letter winner in basketball and softball at UNC-Pembroke

  • Grew up on a tobacco farm
  • Watched the Wide World of Sports as a child and wanted to be an Olympic athlete
  • College sports gave her an opportunity to get off the farm
  • Best advice
    • Always listen because you may find something of value
    • Likes to follow all professional teams with Carolina players on them
    • Wants to win a national championship with Women’s Basketball
      • Wants to find a way to keep up with the kids and communicate/relate with them
      • Got a chance to work with the “Dream Team”
      • Believes that society’s standards creating an environment in which children are told to stick to one sport is questionable but ultimately depends on the parents
      • Transition from playing sports in college to the real world was hard because she didn’t really do any planning
        • Make a plan and work the plan-have things lined up
        • Advice
          • Don’t burn any bridges
          • Find a way to be irreplaceable
          • Network
          • Graduate school vs. real world experience
            • Depends on the opportunities you have
            • Wants to encourage their athletes to get their degree because they made a commitment to do so
            • If she could do anything differently in her career, she’d invest
            • Would suggest going to career seminars

Deunta Williams, a former first-team All-ACC UNC football safety

  • Mom was too scared to let him play baseball but he played football, track
    • Didn’t believe he was that good until his uncle spoke a vision over his life
    • Best part about being a college athlete
      • Loved the perks, competitiveness, relationships formed with his teammates
      • Best advice
        • Wanting to know how to play (was 5th string) his coach told him to go so hard they can’t keep you off the field
        • Favorite pro team
          • He is a Rex Ryan fan and a Lebron James fan
          • Biggest project
            • Trying to focus on a career outside of football
            • Looking toward media even though he wasn’t interested in it when he was playing football
            • Best sports memory
              • ’09-beating VA Tech when the odds were against them
              • When he became the number 1 safety in his position his senior year
              • Believes some of the innocence is being taken away from the game
              • Was taken off the field because he broke his leg his senior year after he chose to come back
                • Feels like most athletes put all their eggs in one basket and it leaves them vulnerable
                • Advice for people looking to get into sports
                  • Network (even if it’s a short conversation or a smile)
                  • Try to find a way to fit yourself into a position (find where you fit)
                  • What about being an athlete helped you
                    • Group projects
                    • Taking diverse classes
                    • If he could change anything in his career he would have been even more outgoing to people who weren’t athletes
                    • Would recommend taking public speaking to get you out of your comfort zone and help you think on your feet

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