November 2011

November 3: Athletic Director Dick Baddour

  • Past 6 months
    • Describes it as “dramatic”
      • ACC expansion
        • Wants UNC to hold onto the concept of a broad-based program of 28 sports
        • Will bring in additional resources to help improve our sports
      • NCAA investigation
        • Feels that we’ll be better as a result
        • 4 principles
          • UNC takes priority
          • Fair as possible to the people involved
          • Thorough investigation
          • Be better
      • 5 year financial plan
        • Student fee was important in maintenance of our programs
        • Blue Zone
          • Enables an atmosphere where our student athletes can have the best experience
            • Income for scholarship program
            • Student athlete services in one place
        • New AD
          • Athletic Directors
            • Bob Fetzer
            • Chuck Arrison
            • Homer Rice
            • Bill Colby
            • John Swafford
            • Dick Baddour
            • Bubba Cunningham
  • Why did he feel they choose Bubba Cunnigham?
    • Baddour helped with a timetable for the new athletic director
    • Focused on having someone with some experience
  • Is there any one year or event that stands out to you?
    • Toughest year was when football and basketball weren’t doing well
    • His most exciting year was when he came up with the Carolina Leadership Academy
      • Thought about the way the military looked at leadership
        • Leaders are made not born
      • His background was student affairs so this was great for him in that aspect
  • Do you think they’ll hire a larger scale coach or scale it back because of the NCAA investigation?
  • What kind of advisory role will you play in the next few months?
    • Wants to physically separate himself from the program
      • His office will be at Finley Golf Course
    • Wants to get heavily involved in the Leadership Academy
    • He feels he’ll be more helpful working with assistant coaches
      • Getting ready for higher positions beyond actual coaching
  • How does turning an assistant coach into an interim head coach happen?
    • Most of the relationships formed are between assistant coaches and players
    • When you have a big group like football, continuity matters
      • To bring in somebody new with a different philosophy [in such a short amount of time] wouldn’t work
  • Importance of work experience and internships
    • Most people don’t have a lot of time to develop a person
      • Who has the initiative
        • If they have experience, it’s better
    • Hiring is a lot about what that organization’s direct experience is with you
    • Have to get your Master’s degree
  • What does the Carolina way mean to you?
    • One word answer: How
      • How you do things
      • The process by which you get to the end result and how you treat people
        • Ex: Winning a championship, changing the culture
  • What do you think is the greatest challenge to the 28 sports?
    • Financial
      • What do we not have that UF, Texas, Alabama have that we don’t?
        • 100,000 seat football stadium
        • Instead, we add a Blue Zone to counter the lack of seats
    • Would paying the football and basketball player, who seem to be exploited, change the 28 sport system?
      • Yes.
      • Atlantic Monthly article
    • When you lose continuity in a program, you have problems

    November 16: Eric Douglass of AES Consultant, LLC

    • How did he get into the business
      • Find what you love
      • Moved to LA after trying to play tennis in Europe
      • Began teaching tennis
        • Taught the president of the Recording Academy
      • Was asked to monetize the seats in the balcony at the Grammy’s
        • Thought about creating contests to allow radio stations that would pay for the seats
      • Opportunities will present themselves, but it’s what you do with it
        • Find an existing relationship
      • He formed a small agency and began gaining money from sponsorships
        • Began to form relationships with NFL, etc.
      • Put a time limit/restraint on what you do
        • (you need to pay the bills)
      • Get an advanced degree
        • It will make you stand out
        • You can learn through the process
    • The business is about leveraging relationships
    • Most of his work is done behind the scenes dealing with agents, etc.
    • At a point, it becomes about giving back

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