Manhattan Sports Business Academy

The Carolina Sport Business Club seeks to expose its members to all of the opportunities that are available for students to take steps toward a career in the sport industry. Our sponsor, the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, is a great place to start looking.

Sports Business Links - MBSA

The Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA) is an 8-week summer sports business leadership program in New York City. MSBA is designed for college students who want to gain invaluable experience in the sports industry and get a jump start into the fast paced, high energy sports business world through internships, mentoring and networking. Unlike other programs, the MSBA takes a comprehensive 360-degree approach to immersing students into the professional world. We ensure that students understand the sports industry at every level while building a network of established executives and connecting with like-minded peers.”

MSBA focuses on helping its participants obtain internships and meet influential figures in the sports business field. The program also teaches other beneficial career advice that will help its students to excel after they finish the program. Students can receive academic credit through MSBA.

MSBA is a great way to collaborate and connect beyond The Club and Carolina. Visit the website! Apply today! (The application deadline for Summer 2013 has passed.)

Watch the following video to see what you could be a part of:

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